TAKE ACTION: Pirates or Disempowered Somalis?

ACTION ALERT! If you’ve been following the news recently, you’ve probably heard a lot about pirates. Not the swashbuckling, patch-over-the-eye, ruthless robber kind, but the disempowered, poverty-stricken, Somali kind. Although the piracy situation... READ MORE

Evaluating the Somali “Pirate” Situation

by Beth Tuckey For many of us, the word “pirate” conjures up a whole host of images, most notably that of a swashbuckling, patch-over-the-eye, ruthless robber. In our history texts, pirates sailed the... READ MORE

A Change of the Guards in Somalia

By Beth Tuckey As Ethiopia continues its troop withdrawal in Somalia, the international community is holding its breath in hopes that the transition is peaceful.  After two years of U.S.-backed occupation of Somalia,... READ MORE

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