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Reconsidering Methods of Peacebuilding in Africa

Within the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding, there exists a question of how present the international community ought to be in negotiations. In a recent analysis from the Council on Foreign Relations,... READ MORE

AFRICOM: Wrong for Liberia, Disastrous for Africa

by Ezekiel Pajibo and Emira Woods  Just two months after U.S. aerial bombardments began in Somalia, the Bush administration solidified its militaristic engagement with Africa. In February 2007, the Department of Defense announced... READ MORE

AGOA: Growth and Opportunities for Africa?

On Thursday, July 12th, the US House Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health held a hearing on the future of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). While the meeting usefully articulated possible... READ MORE

A Devil’s Bargain in Somalia?

Like the Israelites after the fall of the first Temple (recorded in the book of Lamentations), Somalia’s people suffer innumerable woes. With residents fleeing in the hundreds of thousands, their Jerusalem lies deserted... READ MORE

Economic and Human Rights Disintegration in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, hyperinflation has reached levels beyond control and the road to recovery seems unclear. Reports of secret human rights abuses and extreme political opposition harassment continue to surface, lengthening the list of... READ MORE

US Military Strikes Again in Somalia

In early June, the United States intervened militarily in Somalia for the third time this year, striking a group of alleged terrorists with cruise missiles. The men targeted had come ashore in northern... READ MORE

AFRICOM: New Head but Still no Home

“I wouldn’t say we see eye to eye on every issue.”  That was the very diplomatic way that Ryan Henry, principal deputy under-secretary of defense for policy, described recent meetings with African countries... READ MORE

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