Impact of Small Arms Proliferation on Africa

The persistence and the complication of wars in Africa are partially due to small arms proliferation. The consequences of small arms on African Rwandan soldiers ending Umoja Wetu operation in D.R.Congo people due to international conflicts within Africa, rebel group activities, mercenary groups, and armed gang activities have yet to be fully measured..
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Triggers of Conflict in Africa

After the violence, death, and displacement in Kenya, it seems the leaders have finally agreed upon a power-sharing deal that placates both sides. Kenya’s conflict has now subsided from the news headlines and it is hoped that the country will begin to reestablish itself as a stable African nation.
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Africa does not need foreign aid, but reforms

In his articles The Smart Way to Fight Corruption, George B.N. Ayittey, Ph.D. shines light on the enormous amount of cash that African leaders have stolen from the people;
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Spotlight on: Powerful African Women

Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda Fatou Bensouda of The Gambia was sworn in as chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in 2012. Justice Bensouda is the first ever international maritime... READ MORE

Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis of Liberia

One of Africa’s outstanding advocates for justice, human rights and good governance, Emeritus Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis of Monrovia died Sunday May 19, 2013 in Monrovia, Liberia. A courageous preacher who spoke truth... READ MORE

Support for African Women Researchers

This article was first published in our Oct-Dec 2012 “Around Africa” newsletter Funders have renewed support for African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD), a program that helps women in Sub-Saharan countries... READ MORE

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