Impact of Small Arms Proliferation on Africa

The persistence and the complication of wars in Africa are partially due to small arms proliferation. The consequences of small arms on African Rwandan soldiers ending Umoja Wetu operation in D.R.Congo people due to international conflicts within Africa, rebel group activities, mercenary groups, and armed gang activities have yet to be fully measured..
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Triggers of Conflict in Africa

After the violence, death, and displacement in Kenya, it seems the leaders have finally agreed upon a power-sharing deal that placates both sides. Kenya’s conflict has now subsided from the news headlines and it is hoped that the country will begin to reestablish itself as a stable African nation.
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Africa does not need foreign aid, but reforms

In his articles The Smart Way to Fight Corruption, George B.N. Ayittey, Ph.D. shines light on the enormous amount of cash that African leaders have stolen from the people;
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Swaziland Political Situation

19 November 2008, by Louis Ncamiso Ndlovu, Bishop of the Diocese of Manzini Some Pharisees in the crowd said to him, ‘Master reprove your disciples,’ but he answered, ‘I tell you, if these... READ MORE

A Different Olympic Story

When President Bush said he was attending the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games despite China’s misdeeds in the international arena, he said it is because the Olympics are about sports,... READ MORE

Africa’s Climate Imperative

In recent years, important strides have been made in awareness and action on the issue of climate change, as the undeniable risks are coming more and more into focus.  Yet, while communities around... READ MORE

Making the Case for Aid Reform

When we’re told that U.S. attempts at development in the global south do not work, we respond, ‘it’s because true development has never been tried.’ For decades the U.S. has shipped money and... READ MORE

The Ritual of Military Coup in Mauritania

On August 6th, the first democratically elected president of Mauritania, Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, was overthrown in a military coup lead by the head of his presidential guard, General Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz. This... READ MORE

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