Restoring U.S. Funding of the WHO

On May 29, 2020, President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the WHO and announced on April 14th that he would defund it. WHO funding is essential for Africa. AFJN with AdNA advocated Congress for continued participation in and funding for the WHO. The House of Representatives included WHO funding for 2021.

A Moratorium on Rents Increase During COVID-19

On May 8, 2020, AFJN sent a letter to Congressional Committees asking for a moratorium on rental increases. The stay-at-home orders were causing financial hardships and preventing tenants from shopping for competitive and more affordable housing. Many of those burdened were African migrants. To advance this policy we:

  • We met with Representative Jamie Raskin (MD), Member of the National Coronavirus Response Committee, since he had implemented a similar measure in his own county and supported the idea.
  • Created an action alert encouraging individuals to contact their representatives in support of moving legislation

Debt Forgiveness and the Issuance of Special Drawing Rights 

Indebted nations, already heavily burdened before the pandemic, lacked resources to service their debts when COVID-19 hit. AFJN with our partners advocated the U.S. Administration and Congress, Europe, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for:

  • Bilateral and multilateral debt forgiveness for African countries that included strong accountability measures.
  • U.S. support of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) by the IMF to member countries in this time of crisis. SDRs were last used in 2009 during the global recession.

In addition, AFJN also mobilized African Ambassadors to support the above measures via letters and phone calls.

Church Leaders Condemn Situation in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe: Decision of the People to Oust Mugabe

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Zimbabwean Archbishop, Pius Ncube, Resigns

“i have not been silenced by the crude machinations of a wicked regime” said the Bulawayo Archobishop, Pius Ncube.  He resigned from his duties as archbishop after adultery allegations by the Mugabe regime... READ MORE

Wolf Can Live, But Can Darfurians?

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A Devil’s Bargain in Somalia?

Like the Israelites after the fall of the first Temple (recorded in the book of Lamentations), Somalia’s people suffer innumerable woes. With residents fleeing in the hundreds of thousands, their Jerusalem lies deserted... READ MORE

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