Justice for Women

AFJN continues to work towards a more just Africa, particularly for women through the Women’s Empowerment Project. This includes educating and tackling issues of human trafficking, child labor, domestic violence, and gender-based violence in several Africa countries. To learn more click here.

Justice in the D R Congo During COVID-19

Justice for Prisoners
AFJN proposed to the Minister of Human Rights in the D R Congo for the release of prisoners due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He agreed with our proposal to release prisoners with minor offenses, in detentions awaiting judgement, and those waiting to be granted presidential pardon. He further mentioned that such a proposal was made to the Prime Minister as well.

Promotion of Democracy
AFJN fought the two major attempts in the D R Congo to undermine the constitutional structure of the government and the current elected government. First in June 2020, the DRC Parliament tried to fast track a passage of two laws in order to undermine the constitutional independence of the Judiciary in part to stop the new President Felix Tshisekedi from holding accountable and prosecuting former leaders who mismanaged the country. Then starting on July 9th thousands took to the streets across the DRC in opposition to the nomination of Mr. Ronsard Malonda, who presided over the 2019 rigged elections, to head of the National Independent Election Commission. AFJN sent a letter to the Assistant Secretary of State and the U.S. Ambassador to the DRC to which they replied affirming our policy proposals, namely:

  • Using U.S. diplomatic influence to oppose the illegal reforms
  • Considering visa and financial sanctions against authors and reform supporters
  • Supporting independent media, civil society organizations and the judicial system by strengthening their capacity

AFJN Addressing Systemic Injustices Including Racism in U.S. and Abroad

“When [she] marched for racial justice after the death of Reverend Martin Luther King, [she] never imagined that America would still be marching 50 years later.”

AFJN Board Chair, Sr. Florence Deacon, OSF

Georges Floyd’s death sparked a global movement calling on people of all colors and creeds to rethink systemic injustice. AFJN took time to reflect and look at the historical connections of people of African descent being disproportionately mistreated by other races in the U.S. and abroad. Some of the injustices were systemic. AFJN used this time to share our thoughts as Africans and people against any form of racism by issuing a press statement. The media expressed interested in what Rev. Aniedi Okure, AFJN Executive Director, had to say on the issue of race relations in the U.S. and police brutality. The global outcry for justice, peace, and fairness for people of African descendants in the U.S. and around the globe resonated with people around the world.

Read our Press Statement “Africa Faith and Justice Network on Pope’s Statement Defending Sacredness of Life and Condemning Racism.”

Letter to Chinese Embassy
AFJN was one of the signers of a letter from the Advocacy Network for Africa to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC denouncing the ongoing racism against people of African decent in China. There were reports of Africans made homeless, though they paid their rents months in advance when COVID-19 hit.

Lear more about AFJN’s Just Governance project of improving the livelihood of Africans on the continent as a vital step to reduce migrations to places hostile to Africans.

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