Burundi: Preventing a Predictable Civil War

“Burundi has passed an important milestones on the path to peace, but the page of the conflict has not yet been definitively turned. Loyal support from external partners remains necessary,” says the European... READ MORE

Justice in the World, 40 years Later

From the Jan-March 2011 edition of Around Africa, by Fr. Rocco Puopolo, Executive Director AFJN “If you want peace, work for justice.”  This pithy saying can still be found today as a bumper... READ MORE

VIDEO: Stop the Vulture Culture!

Jubilee USA has put together a great new video on Vulture Funds! Check it out below or click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/jmTXfYLUB0k. AFJN is a member of the Jubilee Network. READ MORE

Three Resolutions Approved by Members in Tucson

The members of AFJN, gathered in Tucson, Arizona in October 2005 for two days of work and prayer, approved three resolutions to be carried forward in their advocacy work. The resolutions concerned the ongoing... READ MORE

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