What You Can Do to Encourage Just Foreign Relations in Africa

In all aspects of our work, AFJN seeks to foster just and equitable relations between the people of the US and the people of Africa. We believe that the United States, in pursuit of its own legitimate foreign policy interests, should respect the dignity and the capacity of its African partners.
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Roots of AFRICOM

In October 2003, James Jay Carafano, Ph. D. and Nile Gardiner, both from the Conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation, proposed to the Bush administration the creation of a centralized Africa command for the U.S. military.
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Film: Resist AFRICOM!

Strong visuals have the power to mobilize. They have the power to educate and to change minds. It is our hope that with this film, you will become an organizer and an educator to stop this additional U.S. military’s exertion of power.
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AFRICOM Fails Its First Test

As one of its principal missions, AFRICOM states that it will offer “the kind of support that will enable African governments and existing regional organizations… to have greater capacity to provide security and respond in... READ MORE

Declaration of Religous Summit on LRA Issue

Last week, Caritas reported on the first-ever gathering of religious leaders from the numerous communities affected by the continued aggression of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a gathering focused on finding a regional solution to... READ MORE

As Somalia Deteriorates, the US Seeks Control

Just when we thought the situation in Somalia couldn’t possibly get any worse, recent weeks have shown that Somalia will likely deteriorate further before stabilizing. From piracy to militancy to displacement and starvation... READ MORE

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