D.R. Congo: A Call for Truth and Reconciliation

Justice in Democratic Republic of the Congo is mainly accessible to and protects the powerful, those who run the system, the politically connected, and the rich who influence decision making and can pay for years of trials.
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Post-Conflict Burundi and the Role of Ubushingantahe Council

The legacy and the contribution of Ubushingantahe institution to justice and peace in Burundi is undeniable. Through the turbulent times in Burundi, this institution was politicized and lost its credibility, but now Burundians desire its restoration as part of an effort to rebuild a new Burundi for all citizens. Read More


Promoting International Support for Community-Based Justice Mechanisms in Post-Conflict Burundi and Uganda

As part of AFJN’s ongoing research on restorative justice, staff members Bahati Jacques and Beth Tuckey wrote a report on their trip to Burundi and Uganda. It details community-based justice mechanisms in these post-conflict societies and what the U.S. can do to promote awareness and policy change.
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Prosecuted for Advocacy

The United States Constitution makes it possible for citizens to express our true beliefs, a freedom we constantly take for granted. We go to the store wearing the shirt of our favorite political... READ MORE

AFJN Event: Seeking Peace and Forgiveness

Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation in Africa What is “restorative justice”, and how is it different from punitive (criminal) justice? How are these methods used in Africa to heal communities after conflict, and how... READ MORE

Women of Wajir

In the early 1990’s, six women began a process that transformed much of the Wajir district in northeast Kenya.  Attempting to cope with what was described as a “disaster waiting to happen,” these... READ MORE

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