Africa Faith and Justice Network derives its strength from those who so generously support our mission to transform U.S. policies toward Africa.

Members receive regular newsletters geared to inform and to stimulate reflection and action in solidarity with the people of Africa. The members also bring their own experience from Africa to the network and to the policy makers. The AFJN website offers updated information and action activities on urgent African issues concerning human rights and justice.

Your voice added to ours makes us stronger. Become a member today. If you are already a member, please encourage friends, family, and others in your community to join our network to achieve solidarity with the people of Africa.


Benefits for Members of AFJN

Benefits Supporting Introductory Diocesan Organizational
Be a member of a national network with an international reach. X X X
Be up-to-date on the programs and work AFJN is doing both in the U.S. and on the African continent through e-blasts and a bimonthly e-newsletter.  By having  partners on the ground in Africa, you can ensure our information is timely and reliable. X X X
Access to advocacy tools and materials. X X X
Receive timely policy alerts accompanied with information on how to best act. X X X
Receive invitations to relevant events, including lectures, rallies, and conferences. X X X
Receive AFJN annual report that includes accomplishments and financial information. X X X
Have access to a pastoral consultation on Africa provided they sponsor an event for AFJN. X X
Another way for Bishops to express their solicitude to the Universal church. X X
Attend annual meeting with Staff and Board of Directors. X X
Nominate someone to the Board of Directors. X
Elect members to the Board of Directors. X