A Change of the Guards in Somalia

By Beth Tuckey As Ethiopia continues its troop withdrawal in Somalia, the international community is holding its breath in hopes that the transition is peaceful.  After two years of U.S.-backed occupation of Somalia, Ethiopia finally recognized that its presence could … Continued

As Somalia Deteriorates, the US Seeks Control

Just when we thought the situation in Somalia couldn’t possibly get any worse, recent weeks have shown that Somalia will likely deteriorate further before stabilizing. From piracy to militancy to displacement and starvation of the local population, Somalia needs international … Continued

A Devil’s Bargain in Somalia?

Like the Israelites after the fall of the first Temple (recorded in the book of Lamentations), Somalia’s people suffer innumerable woes. With residents fleeing in the hundreds of thousands, their Jerusalem lies deserted and destroyed (Mogadishu), and many believe that … Continued

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