Dungu Congress Comminque

A Diocesan Congress on Peace was hosted July 12th -14th in Dungu, DRC by the Diocesan Commision on Justice and Peace from the Catholic Diocese of Dungu-Doruma and by Conciliation Resources. The Congressed aimed to “find sustainable solutions to the … Continued

ICC Review conference: Peace, Justice, and AFRICOM

Eight years after its July 2002 founding, state parties and observers participated in the first ever review of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at a conference in Kampala, Uganda, earlier this month. The purpose of the conference was to review … Continued

New Statement from Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiatve

This month, the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative released another report, urging all parties involved in the LRA conflict to prioritize pursuing peaceful means in order to genuinely resolve the LRA issue. The introduction “Since 1997, the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace … Continued

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