Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio has accused France of creating poverty in Africa and causing mass migration to Europe as a result. The Interior Minister Matteo Salvini stated that, “The migrant problem has many causes. In Africa, some take away wealth from the people and the Continent. France is certainly among them. Italy isn’t.” However, Italy simultaneously has closed its ports to NGO boats carrying rescued migrants. Some migrants have even drowned as a result.
Italy has actually stated the obvious to many economists and echoed the sentiments of many when it accused France of causing economic instability in some African countries. This is all rooted in the fact that former French colonies in Africa still use the CFA franc, which is a currency that is backed by the French treasury and has been said to hinder economic development in these countries and maintain economic dependency on France. The use of the CFA franc has been seen as nothing other than a form of neocolonialism that does not want these countries to have control of their own currency.
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-Maranata Zemede