Here we go again!  After Oklahoma City, Chicago, Paris and Pittsburgh, some faculty members at Sacramento State University are also saying that Rwandan President Paul Kagame is not welcome.  President Kagame was invited as a keynote speaker at Sacramento State University’s conference entitled “Negationism, Revisionism, Survivors’ Testimonies, Eyewitness Accounts, Justice and Memory.”

Sacramento State University History Professor Michael Vann explained why Kagame is not welcome to KPFA’s journalist  Ann Garrison in these terms: “…many of the faculty members, and myself, have deep concerns over, perhaps the failure to properly vet Paul Kagame as a visitor to the campus. Specifically, we’re concerned about his role as a military leader in the 1990s, both in Congo and in Rwanda.  And then more recently, his role as a political leader in Rwanda.  And then there’s deep concern, based on UN reports, about his role in the plunder of the eastern Congo.  And finally, there’s the disturbing report, just about a week ago, that he may have been complicit in the 1994 assassination that launched the genocidal action.”

President Kagame’s honeymoon days as the man who stopped the 1994 Rwandan Genocide are quickly ending as the other side of the story gets more and more publicity.  Only in the last four years, and more aggressively recently, is Kagame questioned wherever he goes about the dictatorial character of his regime and his crimes in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Listen and read transcripts of Ann Garrison’s interview with Sacramento State University History Professor Michael Vann

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