The Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles invites you to join the West African Caravan for Land, Water and Seeds. The Caravan will mobilize 15 countries in the sub region in March 2016 departing from Burkina Faso on March 3rd, via Mali, with Senegal as it’s final destination on March 19th.The goals of the caravan are as follows:

  1. To sensitize the populations of West Africa about land, water, and seed grabbing and make the people aware of the challenges surrounding these issues.
  2. Mobilize the West African Organizations and social movements in order to build a stronger movement to affirm the rights of the communities, promote family farming based on peasant agroecology and food sovereignty.
  3. Take action for peace, social and environmental justice and equity, gender equality, public health and the struggle against climate change.
  4. Engage national political and administrative authorities and sub regional institutions on their obligations regarding the realization of human rights and call upon them to take on the demands and proposals regarding the implementation of the FAO Guidelines on the Right to Food, the Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure, the Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa, including their subregional manifestation, as well as the regulations on the risks of biotechnologies which are being developed, and to make all of these processes transparent to those who are most affected.
  5. Support all activists and communities that are defending their human rights linked to land, water and seeds and denounce their criminalization.

Learn more, join and support the West African Caravan for Land, Water and Seeds by signing their declaration and spreading the word to ask others to do the same.