First HIV/AIDS drug plant to open in Uganda

A factory that will produce treatments for HIV/AIDS is set to open in Kampala, Uganda, the first of its kind in the country. It aims to reduce the cost of the vital medication by cutting import costs. According to Uganda’s … Continued

AFJN Discusses Restorative Justice with Bigombe

On October 4th, AFJN Staff and Interns met with Betty Bigombe to discuss restorative justice. Bigombe, currently a Senior Fellow at the United States Institute for Peace, is renowned for her mediation efforts in northern Uganda. Since the early 1990’s, … Continued

Trading for Peace: Latest Research by DFID and USAID

For the past several years, AFJN has been working on issues relating to the African Great Lakes Region, particularly the efforts to restore peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Northern Uganda. It was in consideration of the … Continued

AFJN Adopts Three New Focus Issues

Each year, the AFJN Staff and Board take some time to consider the major issues arising in the continent of Africa and subsequently choose new focus campaigns. For the past couple of years, AFJN has been devoted almost entirely to … Continued

Global Gag Rule debate continues in HIV/AIDS funding talks

The debate over whether US relief money should go to programs that teach abstinence versus family planning and birth control continues. Since 1984, there has been a restriction called the Mexico City Policy, better known as the ‘global gag rule.’ … Continued