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The Africa Faith and Justice Network advocates for justice both within the US and in Africa.  AFJN’s work includes educating and tackling the different forms of injustice. Read about the different ways we are empowering women to fight injustice in the communities through the Women’s Empowerment Project. AFJN also has delved deeper into systemic injustice within the US and abroad and the new movement sparked by George Floyd’s death. AFJN advocated for release of prisoners with minor offenses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to uphold the Constitution.


Women’s Empowerment Project


AFJN’s Women’s Empowerment Project continues to be making strides in Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Ghana. In 2021, AFJN expanded the program to include workshops in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In Africa, religious sisters have taken to the airwaves talking about child labor, domestic and gender based violence, human trafficking, youth empowerment and other issues relevant to their communities. To learn more, click here. 

Just Governance


AFJN continues in the fight against corruption by educating and advocating for increased transparency and accountability. Members of the community are being emboldened to stop paying bribes and demand integrity in their schools, businesses, communities, and governments.

CALAR Initiative – A Declaration: Africa Remember Who You Are


The Coalition for Africa’s Liberation and Restoration (CALAR), initiated by the Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN), was launched on Africa’s Liberation Day on May 25, 2020 to mobilize Africans on the continent and in the diaspora in order to claim their rights and dignity and protect their heritage and resources against those whose actions continue to exploit Africa, and subjects Africans at home and abroad to all forms of indignities. Sign the Declaration, Pray for African Renewal, and watch the kickoff event video here.


Other Projects


AFJN has many projects going on to see some of the projects that we are focusing on at this time click here.

Latest News

  • Hustler vs Dynasty: The Elections in Kenya and Nigeria and their Implications for Africa 6 Sep, 2022 - The Africa Faith and Justice Network invites you to a discussion, “Hustler vs Dynasty: The Elections in Kenya and Nigeria and their implications for Africa '' on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 from 11:00 am-12:30 pm ET (US and Canada). The recent election in Kenya stunned Africa when Vice-President William Ruto won against his own sitting President and the country’s largest opposition party. Looking ahead to February 2023, Nigeria’s elections have garnered international attention with a third party candidate Peter Obi garnering support from the youth and the African diaspora against the two major parties. What do these elections mean for the future of Africa? Join AFJN as we invite prominent African experts from the continent to discuss these trends and their implications for the future of the continent.
  • End it Now: Rwanda-Democratic Republic of the Congo Crisis 22 Aug, 2022 - The Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) is hosting an online event on the ongoing Rwanda-Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Crisis. The event "End it : Rwanda-DR Congo Crisis" on August 25, 2022 from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm ET will feature voices from the DRC who will provide updates and analysis. The panelists will also examine the role of the international community in the more than two decades long crisis. The event will also feature Q&A from the audience where audience members may speak and submit their comments on Zoom. This online event is free and open to the public.
  • EVENT: August 18th Join AFJN for a Virtual Call to Action on World Humanitarian Day 17 Aug, 2022 - The Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) and a coalition of organizations are calling on President Biden to be a humanitarian. On August 18, 2022, the eve of World Humanitarian Day, at 8pm (ET US and Canada) organizations are holding a virtual call to action on Zoom where people across the country will be taking immediate action by messaging the President and Members of Congress. The event "Call on President Biden to be a Humanitarian on World Humanitarian Day" is cosponsored by AFJN, CODEPINK, Action Corps, Demand Progress, PeaceAction, American Friends Service Committee, and Partnerships for Trauma Recovery.
  • Press Statement: Organizations Tell Congress to Support the Amended ENABLERS Act 10 Aug, 2022 - Yesterday, the Africa Faith and Justice Network along with over twenty faith and nongovernmental organizations sent a letter to Congressional Leadership in support of the amended Establishing New Authorities for Businesses Laundering and Enabling Risks to Security (ENABLERS) Act. If passed, this Act “would help put an end to [enabling] practices by requiring [...] professional services to adopt AML procedures that can help detect, flag, and prevent the laundering of corrupt and other criminal funds into the United States” among other benefits, notes the letter.
  • Press Release: The Africa Faith and Justice Network Urges Frank Discussions Ahead of Secretary Blinken’s Visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo 9 Aug, 2022 - Washington, DC - The Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN), a Catholic 501(c)3 organization, sent a letter to US Secretary of State, Antony John Blinken, ahead of his visit to Africa where Secretary Blinken is expected to make a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda.  In the letter, AFJN urged Secretary Blinken to hold frank discussions on “Rwanda’s violations of DRC’s territorial integrity, bad governance in the DRC”, and the role of the UN peacekeepers in DRC. 
  • Coalition Letters to Congressional Leadership – Support ENABLERS Act 9 Aug, 2022 - As organizations that work to combat corruption and promote accountability in government, we write to express our strong support for the Establishing New Authorities for Businesses Laundering and Enabling Risks to Security (ENABLERS) Act as amended.

    The ENABLERS Act represents a major, bipartisan opportunity to close the loopholes in U.S. law that are allowing corrupt foreign leaders to finance military aggression and repressive, undemocratic regimes by stealing money from their people and hiding that money in the United States.

  • AFJN Letter to US Secretary of State for Lasting Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 8 Aug, 2022 - Ahead of your August 2022 meetings with leaders of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, the Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) (a non-partisan coalition of 28 US-based religious communities) urges frank discussions on the following issues: Rwanda’s violations of DRC’s territorial integrity, bad governance in the DRC, and reasons why the UN peacekeepers should leave. 
  • A Campaign Against Drug Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Early Marriage in Jos, Nigeria 22 Jul, 2022 - Led by AFJN-Nigeria and AFJN Youth, the religious women with the trained youth, and in partnership with the government agencies, took to the streets, markets, community centers educating the populations. A week before the campaign the participating youths were educated  on these issues. 
  • Invitation Sign on (à Signer): Letter to Pope Francis/ Lettre au Pape François Avant son voyage Reportée en Afrique en Juillet #2 15 Jun, 2022 - Votre Sainteté, nous vous prions de mentionner ces problèmes dans votre message aux citoyens des pays hôtes, aux dirigeants politiques africains et à toutes les personnes de bonne volonté dans le monde. Faites savoir aux personnes affectées que nous ne sommes pas indifférents à leur souffrance et que nous ne souhaitons pas être complices par notre silence.
  • Condemnation of the Terrorist Attack Targeting Christian Churches in Nigeria 9 Jun, 2022 - As we mourn our loved ones, we want those who committed this atrocity to know that no force can stand against freedom to practice any religion and other gains we as Nigerians have had during the last decade in beginning to awaken to our need to live without intimidation by any group.

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