AFRICOM Fails Its First Test

As one of its principal missions, AFRICOM states that it will offer “the kind of support that will enable African governments and existing regional organizations… to have greater capacity to provide security and respond in times of need.” To that end, AFRICOM … Continued

2009 Staff Report

Staff:     We have a three person full time staff at AFJN.  Beth Tuckey who has been with us since June 2007 is the associate director for program development and policy.  She also assists with outreach.  Bahati Ntama Jacques began in September … Continued

Letter to President Obama from Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Nearly 700 participants will come together at Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) this weekend in Alexandria, VA to discuss the relationship between climate change, migration, and poverty. AFJN has helped formulate the Africa Program at EAD for many years, and we … Continued

IMF Reform?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has become somewhat infamous as one of the most well-funded failures of Western attempts at development.  On the continent of Africa, the rather unsuccessful IMF policies of the past have included damaging structural adjustment policies … Continued

Roots of AFRICOM

In October 2003, James Jay Carafano, Ph. D. and Nile Gardiner, both from the Conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation, proposed to the Bush administration the creation of a centralized Africa command for the U.S. military. With this proposal as the … Continued