Garett Wright, AFJN student intern

Garrett Wright is a Senior at Indiana University majoring in Law and Public Policy and minoring in International Relations and Philosophy. Garrett has served in multiple roles on IU’s campus including Speaker of the House for the university’s student congress, president of his residence hall student government, and as a member of several other organizations such as Public Sector Consulting at IU and the Civic Leaders Center living/learning community. He has also completed an undergraduate thesis entitled “Popular Domination: How Authoritarian Regimes Maintain Public Trust” with his participation in the O’Neill Honor Program.  Garrett’s interest in Africa lies in providing a real-world contribution to the reduction of armed conflict and organized violence that stems from political, economic, and cultural instability. As an intern for the Africa Faith and Justice Network, Garrett strives to play a small role in improving the lives of those who are most vulnerable to marginalization and oppression.