Rev. Rocco Puopolo, Executive Director of AFJN, has signed on to a letter to the Executive Directors of the World Bank and the IMF, calling on them to reform the selection procedures for leadership at both institutions. The recent revelations about Paul Wolfowitz have shed light on a process that is outdated and unsuited to a global institution. The present crisis at the World Bank is bringing harm to the institution in the eyes of many of its own employees, evidenced by the number of their signatures on the letter and by recent actions and statements by many present and past employees.
AFJN has long been critical of the role of the World Bank and particularly concerning the debt crisis and structural adjustment programs. To restore credibility to the World Bank, the letter proposes two things: “transparency of process, and competence of prospective leadership without regard to national origin.” To read the entire text of the letter and to see the other signatories, please click here .