Fourteen year old Goldalyn Kadiya received top marks on the 2017 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam, the highest in the nation. With such a high score, she automatically receives a coveted placement into one of Kenya’s secondary schools. However, Goldalyn’s success came as a surprise to many because she is albino.
In Africa, many with albinism suffer from discrimination, particularly when it comes to education. Goldalyn remarks that this is an opportunity to open the eyes of many who underestimate or might not understand those with albinism. We at Africa Faith & Justice Network believe in the dignity of every human person and applaud Goldalyn for her hard work and determination in the face of adversity, hoping that this opens up more opportunities to those who might be discriminated against.
The young student who wishes to one day become a neurosurgeon has advice for others facing similar struggles: “Pray hard, do your best, believe in yourself. Because if you are praying, and you are working toward your goal, what can deter you from that?”
Read more about Goldalyn’s story here. Photo: PSCU