Africans live on a land literally swimming in wealth yet most are impoverished by this wealth due to bad management, selfishness, lack of vision, a let-them-tell-us and let them-help us mentality and the them being anyone but Africans. This pervasive mindset affects all aspects of African society and even the church. Despite the lessons of history, lessons that shows exploitation, Africans continue to think that others are so interested in Africa. Africans fail to realize, despite the evidence starring them in the face that it is precisely because Africa is loaded with riches that there is a persistent interest by the rest of the world. If it were not, there would be no sustained interest in promoting Africa’s “need for help”.
Unfortunately, African leaders compromise the common good and the future of the men, women and children entrusted to their care, and collaborate with the exploiters for immediate monetary gains, for quick fixes, and trample on the rights and dignity of their people with impunity.
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