Gender equality is a battle that even developed countries struggle with today. In Africa, women are fighting against the weight of tradition and other injustices. Socially, assigning roles based on gender is a practice that is very prevalent. There are very few women in government and those who make it face serious challenges to keep their position or even to get a promotion. This means that women are not being heard because they are absent at the table.
In Liberia, Malawi, and Central African Republic (CAR), women have become Heads of states in order to rebuild what men have destroyed. As head of state Presidents Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, Joyce Banda of Malawi, and Catherine Samba-Panza of Central African Republic have made history ahead of many developed nations. The world and particularly African women are paying close attention to their work. This article is a postcard of these African women heads of state. Read the full article