AFJN’s Ghana volunteer Task Force on Land Grab Prevention under the leadership of Paramount Chief Tidibo Kowura Odamba II and AFJN office in Washington DC reached out to the Regional Association of Queen Mothers (female chiefs) in Ghana’s Volta Region for the purpose of training its members on the issue of land grabs. On September 3rd, 2015 we held a conference for them in Ho, the capital city of Volta Region and close to a 100 women chiefs and paramount chiefs attended. The interest from queen mothers was huge and the association’s leadership had to limit the number of attendees for logistical reasons.
Reaching out to women is part of AFJN’s general campaign strategy against land grabs in Africa and specifically its effects on women. AFJN strongly believes that prevention is the most effective strategy against the new scramble for land in Africa and elsewhere. It is our wish that those who attended will spread the word. We hope that from now on should there be any indication of a land grab those who attended the conference will recognize it and hopefully prevent it from happening.
In fact, less than 3 weeks after attending the conference Mama Alori II, queen mother from Dorfor traditional area told AFJN that her clan and 2 others plan to withdraw from a land deal in process unless the deal will benefit them now and generations to come. The 3 clans represent 15,000-21,000 members.
Town Hall Meeting in Pusupu and Bontibo
We held two town hall meetings in Pusupu and Bontibo. They vowed not to lease their land to anyone including a Malaysian company which had recently asked to lease their land. According to the year 2000 census Pusupu and Bontibo had respectively 4547 and 3781 inhabitants.
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