A multitude of armed groups in eastern DR Congo

Ancient, violent warlords are constantly changing their name, but the motives and the players remain the same. Essentially, they did everything to escape the restructuring of the national army after the last wars of 1996 and 1998. Attempts at reform were made on the basis of poorly negotiated political compromises. Indeed, in a multicultural country like the DRC, when the authority for too long tolerates that major military units be formed mainly on the basis of tribal membership, it follows that other human groups tend also to form themselves into a multitude of small states. It is important to remember that DR Congo has nearly 400 language groups. Thus our country is infested with a multitude of war lords. Of these active militia in 2009, the Goma Conference of Bishops has made a fairly broad inventory. Today, many other continue to be born … Whatever the case, following the present crisis, it is urgent that all armed groups, be they domestic or foreign, end this state of affairs otherwise instability will set in permanently. The mission of law enforcement, be it police or army, is to protect the whole nation and all citizens and not only a particular group. The police are either republican or they are not. There is no trade-off between brewing and mixing. This past mistake needs to be corrected as quickly as possible, and it seems that the process was just underway, when current armed groups again interrupted. In short, a unified republican army is key to the life of a nation. Download the full text here Bukavu, 31 May 2012 on the Feast of the Visitation The Bishops of the Provincial Episcopal Assembly of Bukavu + Francis Xavier MAROY RUSENGO, Bishop of Bukavu, Apostolic Administrator of Uvira and President of ASSEPB; + Theophilus KABOY RUBONEKA, Bishop of Goma; + Melchisedec Sikuli Paluku, bishop of Butembo, Beni and ApostolicAdministrator of KASONGO; + Willy NGUMBI NGENGELE, Bishop of Kindu.!

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