On November 5th, Archbishop Francois Maroy of the Bukavu, Congo, released a statement concerning the crisis and the responsibility of international, national, and local actors. Afica Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) shares his position and applauds him for taking a strong stance in solidarity with the Congolese people. The full document, translated from French by AFJN, can be read below:

To His Excellence Mr. Adolphe Muzito, Prime Minister and Head of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo on the Occasion of His Trip to Bukavu:

Excellence Mister the Prime Minister, it is for us a great joy to welcome you in the South-Kivu, less than one week after your nomination and for the first time since you were nominated to the office of Prime Minister of our country. Taking on this responsibility encourages and comforts us. Due to circumstances, we are counted among the first recipients of your missions inside the country. Your presence here raises enormous hope for the people, who wait to know the response of the Government to the crisis which torments the country in general and the East in particular.
As you know, on August 28, 2008, the hostility resumed in North-Kivu. There is a risk that the country will again be set ablaze and will regress back to the starting point. Thus, it would be more than 5,000,000 people who died for nothing, 1 billion dollars per year spent for MONUC according to their budget of the last 6 years and 5 million dollars of electoral expenses thrown in the water; and the martyrdom of the Congolese people continues. People are decimated in the greatest struggle on one side of the country while the greatest tranquility reigns on the other. Why?

Click here to read the full PDF statement.