Violence Escalates in Niger Delta

On May 14th, the Nigerian Joint Military Task Force (JTF), laid siege to towns along the coast, attacking from air, land, and sea. Although the Nigerian government maintains that the attack was targeting militant groups that obstruct oil flows, what … Continued

Nigeria Adds Its Voice to AFRICOM Opposition

Several weeks ago, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) released a public objection to the presence of American soldiers in all Southern African countries under the jurisdiction of SADC. Similarly, over the past week, Nigeria has begun efforts to freeze … Continued

Beating Ploughshares into Swords?

The Disturbing Direction of US Africa PolicyThe creation of AFRICOM signifies deeper and more sustained U.S. military engagement on the continent than we have ever seen. Yet, AFRICOM is hardly surprising; the militarization of U.S. Africa policy has been underway … Continued

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