This we Learned from a Trafficker of Persons from East Africa to the Middle East

A former human trafficker told Africa Faith and Justice Network on December 2, 2021, that his Middle Eastern partners had sent a video showing four men, aided by two dogs, gang-raping a young woman he had trafficked. The image continues to haunt him. He added, “I am not sure if I will ever be forgiven by God for what I did.” Where are the victims from? Besides trafficking compatriots from Uganda, he also facilitated the trafficking of Kenyans, Tanzanians, and Burundians.

“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” – African Proverb

Inspired by the African Proverb, on June 22nd and 23rd, Nigerian youth gathered online to unite in an effort to combat sexual violence. The two-day workshop, Voices for Change, sponsored by the Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN) Nigeria, had over 68 youth participants who ranged from high school freshmen to university graduate students. During the workshop participants learned how to identify sexual violence, participated in advocacy training, and took action.

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