Statement from the Catholic Bishops of Kenya:
“We the Bishops of Kenya, with deep concern wish to
address all our Christians and Kenyans in general, at this
critical and crucial moment of our country.
We have witnessed with deep sorrow and concern the
outbreak of violence and the breakdown of law and order
that has led to, numerous deaths, injuries and destruction
of property, creating fear and helplessness that has led
many to flee from their homes.
We wish to make a passionate appeal to all Kenyans, men
and women, old and youth, from all the political parties,
and from all walks of life, to refrain from violence and from
the senseless killing of our brothers and sisters!
Our dear people, Kenya is ours together! It is a time to
stop and reflect on the consequences of our actions.
We have lived together for all these years as brothers and
sisters. There is therefore no reason for us to be used to
raise our hand against our neighbor because he or she
belongs to a different ethnic group or political affiliation.
Life is Sacred! We all belong to one family of God.
Our dear people, we must all be responsible for the
security and peaceful co-existence in our country.
(a) Let us restrain ourselves from all violent, destructive
or divisive behaviour remarks or comments.
(b) Refuse to take part in any form of destruction, looting
or even receiving stolen goods.
(c) Do not think you are powerless. You can do something.
Talk to relatives, friends, neighbours, people you know
who can help resolve the current situations.
(d) Encourage any person involved in or engaged in
destructive behaviour to cease from doing so.
(e) At this time of dire need be ready to share basic goods
like food shelter and water with people with greater
need than ourselves.
(f) We especially urge our youth not to be enticed to take
up violent means.
We are close to the many who have lost their loved ones in
these skirmishes. As we console you, we pray for you to
find peace in your hearts. We also feel with those injured,
abused and displaced, as we journey with you at this
difficult moment.
Once more we offer our mediation in this difficult crisis. We
especially urge our priests and religious in our parishes
and religious communities to facilitate as much as
possible justice, peace and solidarity to those suffering at
this moment.
We finally appeal to all Kenyans to have recourse to
prayer, and to organize special prayers for peace in our
Churches whenever possible.
Peace I give, my own peace, I give you.
A Peace with the world cannot give,
This is my gift to you! John 14:27
Let Justice be our shield and defender.”

His Eminence John Cardinal Njue