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AFJN has many projects going on at any given time and please click below to see some of the projects that we are focusing on at this time.
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African Bishops Urge the Church to Engage in the Transformation of Society

On February 16, 2013 the Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) issued a pastoral letter titled “Governance, Common Good, and Democratic Transitions in Africa” calling on the Church to be fully involved in an “in-depth transformation of our society.”
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Update on the Empower Africa Project

From the end of September to early October 2013, I was in Accra, Ghana for a series of meetings at the continental headquarters of the Catholic Bishops in Africa and with Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle of Accra. The meeting highlighted the importance of taking practical steps to empower African communities to harness their resources to build a bright future.
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Latest Stories

The ear is never too old to learn

There is an African proverb which says: “The ear is never too old to learn.” In eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mr. Marcel Mugoyi, a long time local chief of several villages,... READ MORE

Empowerment Project Update

Originally published in the June-Sept Edition of Around Africa. By Aniedi Okure, OP. On May 19, 2014 I set out on an eleven day trip to Accra to prepare the groundwork for AFJN’s... READ MORE

John Kerry went to Africa, now what!

Barthelemy Bazemo Since assuming office in early February 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry made his first trip to Africa from April 29-May 5. The six-day trip took him respectively to Ethiopia, South-Sudan,... READ MORE

Central African crisis: Analysis by Faith Leaders

Barthelemy Bazemo Interview and Translation from French by Barthelemy Bazemo, AFJN’s Policy Analyst (download PDF File here) A year after the coup of March 24, 2013 in Central African Republic (CAR), the situation has... READ MORE

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