The most recent stories from all Focus Campaigns.

AFJN and Congo Global Action Coalition

Since the end of 2006, AFJN has been actively involved in CGA. Our Executive Director, Rocco Puopolo, s.x., sits on the Coalition’s Executive Committee and AFJN acts as CGA’s fiscal sponsor. Together with over... READ MORE

Peace Continues to Elude DR Congo

The people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been waiting for peace for the past eleven years, but the reality on the ground shows that peace is not in their near... READ MORE

Nigeria Adds Its Voice to AFRICOM Opposition

Several weeks ago, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) released a public objection to the presence of American soldiers in all Southern African countries under the jurisdiction of SADC. Similarly, over the past... READ MORE

South Africa Continues to Falter on HIV/AIDS

South Africa has always lagged behind in its HIV/AIDS policy, despite having a greater capacity to address health issues than any other sub-Saharan African country. Before 2003, President Thabo Mbeki’s administration denied the reality... READ MORE

Zimbabwean Archbishop, Pius Ncube, Resigns

“i have not been silenced by the crude machinations of a wicked regime” said the Bulawayo Archobishop, Pius Ncube.  He resigned from his duties as archbishop after adultery allegations by the Mugabe regime... READ MORE

Humanitarian Situation Grows Worse in DRC

In the North Kivu region of eastern DR Congo, troops loyal to General Laurent Nkunda are thought to be largely responsible for an increase in violence, according to a recent BBC News report . Since February, approximately... READ MORE

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