Yes Africa Matters Website Launched!

Catholic Task Force on Africa announces the new  The Task Force uses the occasion of the Second Special Assembly for Africa, popularly known as the Second African Synod of Bishops, to offer this website.  The Synod took place in … Continued

D.R. Congo: A Call for Truth and Reconciliation

Justice in Democratic Republic of the Congo is mainly accessible to and protects the powerful, those who run the system, the politically connected, and the rich who influence decision making and can pay for years of trials.  The poor and … Continued

Reflections on the Synod: Where to go from here?

By Rocco Puopolo s.x., Executive Director The Second Special Assembly of Bishops on Africa ended in Rome on October 25th.  But the process continues, and the main agents are those who continue to commit time and talent to this Synod.  … Continued