This week, AFJN signed onto a policy statement providing recommendations for the incoming Obama Administration on the instability in Chad, particularly in relation to the situation in Darfur. The statement was drafted by Caring for Kaela, an international humanitarian NGO, and was signed by AFJN, Africa Action, and Refugees International.
In sum, the statement recommends that the U.S. Government:
1. Urge the Government of Chad to implement a comprehensive and inclusive peace process to stabilize Chad
2. Give MINURCAT a peace to keep
3. Vigorously implement all U.S. Law with respect to military assistance to Chad
4. Provide adequate and equitable funding within the context of an overarching Chadian development strategy
AFJN’s primary reason for signing the document was the third recommendation, recognizing its connection to AFRICOM and military training programs on the continent. The U.S. currently provides training and equipment to the Chadian military, despite the fact that the government has committed gross human rights abuses. According to Human Rights Watch, several soldiers have defected in 2008 to join rebel groups.