In response to the recently-passed LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009 (S.1067/HR 2478), the lead voice for a peaceful resolution of the LRA conflict submitted an open letter to Obama last month, a letter that AFJN signed as well. The Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) has long called on the international community to emphasize peacebuilding, reconcilation, recovery, and crafting a sustainable solution to the conflict.

The letter celebrates the US expressed commitment to supporting recovery in Northern Uganda,but cautions against movements towards renewed military activity. Part of the letter reads

“Military action has time and time again not only failed to end the conflict but caused it to spread into regions once immune to LRA violence resulting in further suffering of civilians. We therefore strongly implore you to prioritize and creatively explore non-violent actions to resolving the conflict. We believe this is the only way to bring a lasting solution that will foster healing and reconciliation in a region of the world that longs for and deserves peace.”

Download the full letter here!