The United States foreign policy with the continent of Africa has been to support strong men and strong-handed governments and the U.S. interest abroad. With the election of President Barack Obama many thought there would be a change to this African policy. That assumption was incorrect! The U.S. continues to support Rwandan President Paul Kagame, even with his recent track record of political assassinations, illegitimate and arbitrary detentions, and forced disappearances of political opposition and opposition journalists.

Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN), along with a cohort of other African advocacy groups call for the U.S. to look deeper into its own policies in Rwanda and the effects on the Rwandan people (click to read full statement). On August 9, 2010 Rwanda is prepared to hold presidential elections and the U.S. is ready to send numerous election official teams to oversee the elections. But, what elections need watching? The advocates for Africa urge the U.S., President Obama, and the State Department to save the taxpayers’ money because any election result is null and void since there is no “true” opposition. The U.S. needs to listen to the voices of the advocates and not continue to turn a blind eye to the abuses for selfish interests.