What would you do if your vote was claimed by a candidate you did not vote for? Observers from the Carter Center, founded by former US President Jimmy Carter, found “the provisional presidential election results announced by the Independent National Election Commission (CENI) on Dec. 9 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to lack credibility.” Based on the report of its 30,000 election observers, the largest of any group, Kinshasa Archbishop, Cardinal Monsengwo Pasinya, said that “…there is no reason to firmly conclude that these results conform to either the truth or justice.” Similarly, South African Parliamentarian Kenneth Mubu insists that “South Africa must not recognize Kabila as DRC President.”

Recognizing rigged elections means supporting dictatorial regimes in Africa. Stand by the Congolese people today. ASK your representative, the State Department and President Obama NOT to recognize the results released by the CENI on December 9, 2011.

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Video of U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing on DRC here