Office of the Spokesperson
December 6, 2011
Presidential Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
The United States remains deeply committed to supporting the democratic development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The presidential and legislative elections that took place as scheduled on November 28 are an important milestone for the Congo. The large voter turnout and enthusiasm for these elections broadly reflect the determination of the Congolese people for a peaceful and democratic reconstruction of their country. The broad participation of observers, comprising the international community, Congolese civil society, political parties, and election officials was also welcome.

The publication of the results is also an essential step in the electoral process. Official election tallies from each polling station have already been given toobservers and witnesses present in those stations. The accurate and timely publication of vote counts by polling station in itself will contribute greatly toward a transparent process.

Violence has no place in the democratic process. The United States urges all Congolese political leaders and their supporters to act responsibly and to renounce violence, and reminds the Government of the DRC of its responsibility to provide security for the Congolese population.
The United States will continue to follow the situation in the DRC closely, in particular the security conditions on the ground and the efforts to successfully conclude the electoral process.