Africa Faith and Justice Network sent a letter to leaders of relevant congressional committees in the United states House of Representatives and the Senate urging them to hold a hearing and work with the executive branch to compel the United Nations to conduct an independent audit to establish facts about multiple allegations of wrongdoing that have come to our attention and hold those responsible accountable.  A similar letter was sent to the US Mission at the United Mission and to the Director of Investigations Division –Office of Internal Oversight Services at the UN as well.
Each letter calls for an urgent action because there is a destruction of evidence in the process of closing some of MONUSCO antenna and field offices  and we hope that our recommendations will be taken seriously.  Since March the field office of Kamina has been closed and staff has been asked to stay home with pay until end of June. Other antennas and field office which have been closed or are in the process of closing  are Kisangani,  Kamina, Dungu, Lubumbashi, Mbandaka   Mbujimayi, Matadi, Boma.  If  know anyone or you personally have information about lack of accountability and transparency within MONUSCO, send an email to . We promise that you will remain anonymous. Also if you wish to investigate further this issue and needs a starting point, get in touch with us.