Catholic Task Force on Africa announces the new The Task Force uses the occasion of the Second Special Assembly for Africa, popularly known as the Second African Synod of Bishops, to offer this website. The Synod took place in Rome from October 4th to 25th in Rome. The theme of the Synod was “The Church in Africa in service to reconciliation, justice, and peace: You are the salt of the earth… you are the light of the world.”

As an exercise in solidarity with the Church in Africa, the Task Force provides this website as a one-stop shop. On the site there is some background on the connections that exist between our churches and peoples, our shared values, the presence of Africa Diaspora here, and the many partnerships and twinning relationships that bind the USA and Africa. There is a listing of the many missionary communities from the USA that are present in Africa as well as a section that focuses on the Synod itself. It is hoped that there will be reflections from the Churches on the continent as the Synod nears. There are also resources and links with universities and other advocacy groups that can help readers better their understanding of and engagement with Africa.

With this website the hope is to put flesh on the two feet of Catholic Social Outreach: informing people of ways to exercise direct service/outreach to those in Africa as well as advocacy for systemic social change.

Put simply, Yes, Africa Matters! The more people know and share can only strengthen that belief. If after reviewing this website you have comments or additional contributions or links, send these to Fr. Rocco Puopolo (

The Catholic Task Force on Africa is a Washington-based group of advocates who come together monthly to share their work, passion, and perspective with each other on behalf of the many constituents who are working for justice and peace in Africa. AFJN serves as the chair of this task force.