On October 23 2020, Patrick Egwu’s article “Nigerian Catholics stand with anti-police brutality demonstrators” in The Catholic World Report quotes Rev. Aniedi Okure, AFJN Exe. Dir. Rev. Okure says ““Nigerian police officers have a history of human rights violations and extrajudicial killings over the years,” he says. “They [police] are used by politicians to perpetuate crime and oppress the poor in the society.” and “The police, says Fr. Okure, have turned their guns on those they are supposed to protect and shield from harm. “The church came to support this [protest] because it is a moral issue that affects everyone,” he says, adding that the protest is a trigger for other systemic issues in the country such as growing unemployment and inequality, insecurity, and lack of public infrastructure across the country.” Read the full article here: https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2020/10/23/nigerian-catholics-stand-with-anti-police-brutality-demonstrators/