On August 22, 2020, Ellen Teague referenced an AFJN publication in her article “Remembering the Salve Trade and its modern forms” for independent catholic news. In the section “Slavery and Africa” Teague writes:

  • “According to ‘Feast to Famine: The Course of Africa’s Underdevelopment’, written by Bill Rau and produced by the Africa Faith and Justice Network, the demographic gap left Africa with wounds that continue to handicap its development. As other continents were growing through an interplay of agricultural, industrial, technological and population expansion, the Slave Trade denied Africa the physical and mental energies of young, strong people who would have contributed to their continent. Instead, “slavery forced Africans to produce for the wealth and power of others.” Imperial domination of Africa underpinned racism which further sanctioned exploitation in the name of mutual improvement.

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