June 16, 2021
By: Sr. Eucharia Madueke, SNDdeN

Today the 16th of June, we celebrate the International Day for the African Child. This day, 46 years ago, hundreds of black South African school children lost their lives demanding for their rights to be educated in their own language. We remember and honor these children and we lift up many other African children who are constantly being deprived of their childhood any true joy of living. We raise our hand up in prayers for half the population of African Children who are living in extreme poverty, starving and malnourished; African children who are orphaned abandoned, uneducated, discriminated against, neglected and vulnerable; children of mother Africa who are trapped in arm conflict, domestic and sexual servitude; modern slavery, children whose voices are suppressed and may not be heard. We look forward in hope for a child-friendly Africa where all children live, grow, learn, play and feel safe in their environment; Africa that that hold her children with dignity and uphold every child’s rights.

“Africa, My Africa” Video

We hope you will enjoy the beautiful spoken poem by Mmadueke Onyinye Silvia (we thank her Mother who granted AFJN permission to use the video) and that you will share the link it with others and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.