While the U.S. has made historic investments in the fight against global AIDS, the critical shortage of health care workers and weak health systems remain key bottlenecks to scaling up access to AIDS treatment in resource poor settings. Sustained commitment and creative action are necessary to develop and support the health workforce needed to secure the right to health and progress in the fight against global AIDS.
Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), with a bipartisan co-sponsorship introduced the African Health Capacity Investment Act of 2006. This legislation focuses on improving dangerous and sub-standard working conditions; helping train, recruit, and retain doctors, nurses, and paraprofessionals; developing better management and public health training; and improving productivity and workforce distribution.
The bill also seeks to promote enhanced coordination of U.S. foreign assistance and requires the President to develop a coordinated strategy to promote health care capacity in Africa.
Please contact your Senators and encourage them to support S.3775. This is a critical step for the U.S. to make in the fight against global AIDS.
Read text of S.3775 here.