On October 13, we informed you about our latest victory in the fight against land grabs in Ghana’s Volta region. Today we have another exciting news for you: one more cluster of towns has pulled out of a memorandum of understanding for a land lease in the traditional area of Dorfor. Since we held the awareness and prevention training for women’s chiefs on September 3rd, 2015, this brings our victory to 4 clusters of towns rethinking and withholding their decision to lease their land. Paramount Chief Mama Alori II has convinced some of those doubting her by making them listen to our presentation she recorded on her cell phone. Mama Alori is a true chief and if well empowered more she will be a responsible leader for her community.

We also informed you that we held two town hall meetings in Pusupu and Bontibo in the Volta region where a Malaysian agribusiness company was negotiating a land lease. The company has been working hard to convince the landowners to lease their land. On Oct 13th the negotiators were scheduled to visit the region by helicopter to meet the land owners and chiefs, but unfortunately the weather was inclement.

We believe that we should go back to the Volta region to empower farmers and leaders alike to protect their lives and those of generations to come. Prevention is our best tool to fight land grabs. If you agree with us, please consider supporting our campaign: donate one, two, three or more dollars to save the lives of small-scale farmers.