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  • AFJN Welcome’s Garrett Wright – 2022 Summer Intern 28 Jun, 2022 - Garrett Wright is a Senior at Indiana University majoring in Law and Public Policy and minoring in International Relations and Philosophy. Garrett has served in multiple roles on IU’s campus including Speaker of the House for the university’s student congress
  • Juneteenth: A time of celebration and reflection 19 Jun, 2022 - AFJN encourages all Americans and people of goodwill to use this day to reflect on our shared Christian calling for racial equity and find ways to take action in our own communities. As we celebrate this moment, let us also take the time to reflect that this is more than a celebration. It is a day of remembering. A day of honoring. A day of giving thanks. And yes, it is a day of talking about what is happening right now.
  • Condemnation of the Terrorist Attack Targeting Christian Churches in Nigeria 9 Jun, 2022 - As we mourn our loved ones, we want those who committed this atrocity to know that no force can stand against freedom to practice any religion and other gains we as Nigerians have had during the last decade in beginning to awaken to our need to live without intimidation by any group.
  • AFJN Video Reflections on Africa Liberation Day 2022 25 May, 2022 -
  • Press Release: The Africa Faith and Justice Network Welcomes Dr. Steven Nabieu Rogers as the New Executive Director 16 May, 2022 - “Dr. Rogers comes highly recommended and has a breadth of knowledge and experiences that will serve him well in his new leadership role. I believe his grasp of the realities of what is happening in Africa and his vision will set AFJN up for a solid future.”
  • Re: Urge US Senate to Support Special Drawing Rights Recycling 25 Mar, 2022 - March 23, 2022 The Honorable Senators (Sent to All 100)United States SenateWashington, D.C. 20510 Re: Urge US Senate to Support Special Drawing Rights Recycling Dear Senators, We the undersigned faith-based organizations and civil society organizations are urging members of the United States Senate to support recycling of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Special Drawing Rights […]
  • AFJN Signs: Africa People’s Summit Joint Declaration 18 Feb, 2022 - “Whatever is done for Africa without the African people is not for Africa.”A joint declaration of Social Movements and Peasant farmers, Faith-Based Organizations and CSO delivered at the “African People’s Summit” ahead of the 6th EU-Africa Summit, demanding more space for CSO and measures to guarantee land justice and agroecology.
  • This we Learned from a Trafficker of Persons from East Africa to the Middle East 4 Jan, 2022 - A former human trafficker told Africa Faith and Justice Network on December 2, 2021, that his Middle Eastern partners had sent a video showing four men, aided by two dogs, gang-raping a young woman he had trafficked. The image continues to haunt him. He added, “I am not sure if I will ever be forgiven by God for what I did.” Where are the victims from? Besides trafficking compatriots from Uganda, he also facilitated the trafficking of Kenyans, Tanzanians, and Burundians.
  • Zambia Association of Sisterhoods (ZAS) Workshop on Advocacy 23 Dec, 2021 - The workshop’s theme was “Religious Vocation, Justice Ministry and Evangelization” and was held from 12-17th November 2021. They were beautiful sunny days in November 2021 when all roads led to City of Hope Training Center in Makeni - Lusaka. The training on social analysis and advocacy attracted 65 sister participants from 45 Congregations in Zambia. To make our meeting spiced, we had Dominican Friar Fr. Taiwo, who could not resist to join the training.
  • Left to Right: Fr. Aniedi Okure, OP, Fomer AFJN Director, Mr. Ntama Bahati,  AFJN , Policy Analyst, Mr.  Rene Tchouamo, Radio Vox Ecclesia Director Corruption No More: Pressured, Fossang’s Catholic Health Care Center Staff all Resign 8 Dec, 2021 - Corruption grips African societies, economies, and politics. No matter how small, it must not be minimized and must be forcefully confronted, if prosperity is ever to be secured. Countless meetings and endless reports have said little about those taking action against corruption. Being corrupt is ultimately a choice that reveals a lack of integrity. Those who cannot be trusted should never be entrusted with management.

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