In preparation for President Obama’s short visit to Ghana, Africa Faith and Justice Network joined with a coalition of Africa-advocates to produce a Media Briefing Booklet on key U.S.-Africa policy issues.
Click here to view the booklet, produced by AFJN, the Institute for Policy Studies/Foreign Policy in Focus, Africa Action, TransAfrica Forum, the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, the American Friends Service Committee, Friends of the Congo, and many others.
In less than 20 pages, we cover security, agriculture, health, economic justice, corporate social responsibility, and conflict areas. At the end of each section, we have included a few sample questions for the press whom we hope will be following Obama’s first trip to Africa as President. After the trip, we hope to use this briefing booklet as the basis for conversations with the administration and Congress as they discuss Africa policy.
Don’t forget to check the news on Saturday morning – President Obama will be making a major speech to the Ghanaian Parliament, one that we hope will detail his policy toward the continent! Check back here for post-trip analysis!