Democratic Republic of the Congo is roughly the size of Western Europe. It’s establishment of a peaceful future is critical for the stability of the entire region. It’s difficult past leaves nothing but the hope for better days for Congolese people. To be an effective partner of the Congo, the United States has a critical role to play.

The U.S. government should:

  • Provide increased humanitarian and democracy-building assistance to match the scale of the country’s immeasurable needs.
  • Fully fund United Nations peacekeeping operations that are maintaining stability in the volatile eastern region, and use its voice and vote at the United Nations Security Council to urge that the force disarms remaining rebel groups.
  • Encourage the Congolese government to conduct free and fair elections, bring perpetrators of crimes against humanity to justice, quickly form integrated police and military forces, and disarm remaining rebel groups.
  • Continue facilitating meetings of Great Lakes countries to ensure that Congo’s neighbors do not again invade under any pretense.
  • Support reform of the timber and mining industries to ensure that profits are regulated and going toward national development.