The Catholic Church spoke with one voice making seven suggestions in a message of hope to the Congolese people. The Cardinal, Archbishops and Bishops, Standing Committee members of the national Episcopal Conference of Congo, (CENCO in French) issued their message following a four-day meeting of the group.
Read their suggestions below.
The suggestions were:

  1. A call for a consensus regarding the end of the transition beyond June 30th;
  2. Establishment of a process of governing during the election period. Most of the government leaders will be involved in the elections;
  3. A unified military;
  4. A guarantee for the security and transparency of the elections;
  5. To accelerate the publication of the voting lists and candidates for the different levels of government;
  6. To Resolve the problem of inclusively in a just and equitable manner;
  7. The signing of a non-aggression pact and an end to hostilities.

Thanks to the Friends of the Congo for providing the translation.