Translated from French by Fidel Bafilemba

Information from various and credible sources confirms the support from Rwanda to Bosco Ntaganda’s band and the existence of a pathway for recruiting fighters for Ntaganda in that neighboring country which, like the DR Congo, is member of the African Union, the Great Lakes Economic Community [or CEPGL] and the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region [or ICGLR]. Taking into account the seriousness of the facts, the government of the DR Congo has taken the time to corroborate them with its own sources. A survey of our [intelligence] services has been initiated while at the same time the joint mechanism established years ago by the DR Congo and Rwanda was made use of to check the evidence on the field.

Those who have seen that approach by the government as a kind of connivance are wrong. The Government of the Republic has at heart the process of professionalism and accountability for an effective defense of our national interests. Today, based on our [intelligence] services’ findings, we are able to state the following:

1) 200 to 300 people were recruited in the Rwanda by an active network in that neighboring country have been found among militiamen of Ntaganda-Makenga’s band,

2) Many of the recruited fighters are Rwandan nationals. Once in DRC, they received a brief training before being deployed to the frontline against the DRC [armed] forces,

3) Among the fighters are minors and young people some of which were shown in Goma to the [Congolese] Prime Minister and his delegation,

4) 38 tons of arms were recovered by the FARDC, it was noted a tenfold increase in Ntaganda-Makenga’s band’s weaponry upon their arrival in the Runyoni-Chanzu-Mbuzi triangle near the border between the DR Congo and Rwanda,

5) Counter-nature alliances have been established between , on one hand, Ntaganda-Makenga’s band and on the other the mutineers. Their goal is to share the spoils from [eastern] Congo minerals exploitation,

6) FDLR, who Congolese army( FARDC) has been wiping out, has paradoxically became an ally of Ntaganda-Makenga’s band and is evidenced by the presence of [FDLR] Colonel Mandevu alongside [the M23] in Runyoni. Also, FDLR combatants repatriated formally in Rwanda by MONUSCO were among M23 elements captured near Ronyoni.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, these accurate, detailed, checked and double-checked pieces of information come from the [DR Congo] government’s own sources. The facts raised [here] which government carefully collected pose a serious issue to be resolved urgently in the synergy between the Great Lakes region’s states in their fight against negative forces.

One thing is undeniable, [though]! The Rwandan territory has been used for the preparation and perpetuation of a conspiracy which started as a simple mutiny and is [today] moving dangerously towards a pattern of obstacle to peace between two countries of the Great Lakes region.

This unfortunate development has been the focus of all bilateral meetings between Congolese and Rwandan experts that have been going on for several days. In front of those offenses hatched from the Rwandan territory against peace and security in the DRC, the Congolese government denounces the “passivity or [even] more” of the Rwandan authorities. The [Congolese] government reaffirms its determination to protect the lives of Congolese and all measures have been taken to rid the Kivus of the seismic cancer of violence that is jeopardizing their economic takeoff. The [DRC] government is not considering negotiations with armed groups [be it] CNDP, FDLR or M23, and invites them to go to Congolese authorities or to MONUSCO and lay down their weapons. Otherwise they will face [Congolese] armed forces’ firepower.

Forfeiture, and cancellation freezing mining rights and titles in the North Kivu [province] will [proceed. Obligation is therefore made to all holders of valid mining search permits to quickly turn them into exploitation permits so that they can [start] building minerals processing plants in our country. The DRC government intends to use all diplomatic channels in the region to expose and defeat this latest adventure that undermines peace and security of our country. The government likewise intends to relentlessly pursue the hunt of all negative forces including the CNDP, the M23, the FDLR, ADF/NALU and the LRA. This hunt will continue in collaboration with all willing regional countries.