Legislation that would improve U.S. assistance to people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has passed the Senate, and now awaits introduction in the House. Call or write your Representatives in the House and ask that they introduce and expedite passage of the bill!

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act would require the U.S. Government to promote humanitarian relief, security, democracy, and transparent management of natural resources to help end the conflict in the DRC and move the country towards peace and stability. The bill establishes fourteen principles for development of U.S. policy, authorizes a 25 percent increase in U.S. humanitarian assistance for the country, calls for a the Bush Administration to appoint a Special Envoy for eastern Congo, and urges the Administration to use its voice and vote at the United Nations Security Council to strengthen the U.N. peacekeeping force that is providing security in parts of the country.

AFJN strongly encourages concerned citizens to call their Representatives and support this important legislation!